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5 Signs Your One-on-Ones Aren’t Working

One-on-ones are ongoing meetings between managers and their direct reports. For managers, these weekly or biweekly exchanges typically have two objectives: aligning on expectations and building trust with team members. Beyond this, one-on-ones encourage deeper boss-employee relationships and can be used to give and receive feedback, set individual goals, and troubleshoot roadblocks. Despite all that one-on-one…

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Is Your Mindset About Generative AI Limiting Your Professional Growth?

Despite the immense publicity surrounding generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) over the past 18 months (or maybe partly because of it), many people continue to harbor misconceptions about its capabilities, usefulness, and potential impact. Some believe it’s a passing fad or an imminent threat to human creativity. For young professionals, it’s the source of a unique…

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Why Playing It Safe Is the Riskiest Strategic Choice

Traditionally, good corporate risk management has meant lots of study, careful analysis, and the flawless execution of well-honed implementation plans. A heavy focus on business optimization and continuous improvement was eminently sensible. Until it wasn’t. In the current era of constant, seemingly unrelenting digital disruption, the pace of change has dramatically accelerated, often becoming far more…

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