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Executive coaching is a collaborative process between the coach and the client, where the coach helps the client clarify their goals and vision, identify any obstacles or challenges, and develop strategies to overcome those obstacles and achieve their desired outcomes. It’s a client-centric process where the coach takes the client through a creative and thought-provoking discussion to find needed solutions. It can also help boost self-confidence and increase overall wellbeing.

Success begins with self-discovery and personal growth.

At the Training Consortium, we consider coaching to be a vital component of a comprehensive talent strategy, and we believe that it is most effective when it aligns with the broader goals and strategy of the business. This philosophy is integrated into our coaching practice, which includes a team of business-savvy coaches who are carefully selected to match the needs of each client.

We offer tailored coaching programs that are aligned with the specific priorities of the executive, and we use methods that link coaching outcomes to measurable business impact. Please reach out to us to start the conversation for your coaching needs.

Provides for Self-reflection

The coach, through tools and discussion, helps the participant reflect on either the issue at hand or the obstacles one faces. The coach may use many psychometric tools, NLP tools, or even a guided process with the client to clarify the path to a solution. A coach can thus help you become more self-aware, which is a critical component of personal development. By understanding your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you can identify patterns and make changes to improve your overall performance.

Develops Leadership Skills

Executive coaching can help you develop leadership skills such as effective communication, delegation, and decision-making, which can be applied in both personal and professional contexts. It provides the opportunity for the client to discuss strategic to operational issues. While our coaches are certified Mentors as well; we can shift to mentoring after we reclassify the agreement. The tacit knowledge we possess would help build awareness, which challenges the status quo.

Improve their Performance

Some may have areas to improve on the professional front, while others may have areas that stem from their personal lives to work on. Performance is about a comparative, competitive end state. Clients have issues with procrastination, a lack of willpower to commit to change, and ‘I don’t know where to begin’ mentality. The coach helps boost one’s confidence and stay with it. The coach partners with the client on the journey.

Self Development Goals

A coach can help you set specific and measurable goals that align with your personal and professional values, and then provide support and guidance as you work toward achieving them. The online tracking tools at Training Consortium and the many resources we have would support the individual to achieve one’s end.

Stay on track

A coach can hold you accountable for the goals you set, helping you stay on track and committed to personal growth. We have an online and a paper-based method of tracking the progress. In addition, we have a triparty discussion with the supervisor to check on progress at ground level. Of course, with confidentiality held constant, we are able to harmonize the coaching with the real performance-driven actions, if at all applicable.

Work Life Harmony

Executive coaching plays a critical role in helping business leaders achieve work-life harmony, leading to reduced stress, improved creativity, peace of mind, and better relationships.