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Leadership development is crucial for improving performance, retaining top talent, planning for succession, fostering innovation and adaptability, and building a positive and inclusive culture within an organization.

Through training and development programs, organizations can empower current and future leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive the organization towards its goals and objectives.

Training Consortium offers two key leadership development programs for organizations the Executive Development Program (EDP) and the Management Development Program (MDP).

SMDP is focused on developing the top management of an organization while EDP is focused on developing even more executive and functional leaders in an organization.

Improved Performance

Leaders who have undergone training and development programs are better equipped to handle complex business situations, and are more effective in their roles. They have the skills and knowledge needed to motivate and inspire their teams to achieve better results.

Talent Retention

Employees are more likely to stay with an organization that invests in their professional development. By offering leadership development opportunities, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to their employees and help them build a career within the company.

Succession Planning

A robust leadership development program ensures that the organization has a pipeline of talented individuals who are ready to step up and take on leadership roles when needed. This is particularly important for organizations that want to ensure continuity in leadership and avoid disruption when key leaders depart.

Innovation and Adaptability

Leaders who are continually developing their skills and knowledge are more likely to be innovative and adaptable. They are able to identify emerging trends, embrace change, and lead their teams through transitions with confidence.

Improved Culture

Leaders who prioritize leadership development are more likely to create a positive and inclusive culture within their organization. They are better equipped to communicate effectively, build strong relationships, and foster collaboration across teams, which leads to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Strategic Excellence

Leaders who receive proper training and coaching are better equipped to think outside the box, develop effective strategies, and execute them efficiently. As a result, their organizations will have a distinct competitive advantage to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy sustained success.

Management Development Program

A specialised program focused on preparing skilled leaders who are innovative, decisive and ready to take on global challenges with confidence.

It is designed to enhance their ability to build successful businesses in these globalized and extremely volatile markets, hone their adaptability to ever-changing environments and empower them to wield their local and global expertise into a winning integration.

The methodology of this program has been developed after thorough research and critical analysis of global trends and market needs. We aim to develop a truly globalized professional that paves the way for organisational success through exemplary leadership.


Executive Development Program

A program based on the client’s competency matrix, it is a scientific module designed to develop a holistic leader, who is not only professionally driven but personally well balanced.

The program guides you through your own personal leadership development. Giving you the opportunity to explore your own values and mannerisms and find the competencies that you admire most and wish to embed within you.

The Methodology used in this program has been developed as a result of a decade of research and development, using nearly 40,000 people from 42 industries in and around Sri Lanka, Asia, South Africa and Middle East. It is also well integrated with many of the Leadership & People Management development endeavours in the market.