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Unlocking Potential: Niroshan Silva’s Journey as the Leading Master Coach in Sri Lanka

As far as first impressions go, Niroshan Silva effortlessly captivated us as we sat down with him for our interview. The Founder and CEO of the Training Consortium, Niroshan is a walking masterclass on self-discovery and continuous learning, and is Sri Lanka’s most sought after ‘Growth Expert’ with a fascinating, and highly demanded approach to…

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Organizational Restructuring

An organizational structure is the hierarchy of an organization and how the components of this hierarchy work together to achieve the strategic objectives of the company (Ahmadya, Mehrpourb & Nikooravesh 2016). If the structure of the organization and the underlying design principles which construct it are not in alignment with the core purpose of the…

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Family Firm Management in Turbulent Times: Opportunities for Responsible Tourism

Abstract Family firms in tourism and hospitality (FFTH) are often characterized by their long-term orientation and strong “familiness” and embeddedness in tourism destinations. Families however are often confronted with and have to adapt to global change and can sometimes struggle with drastic changes in the tourism industry. And while the current COVID-19 pandemic will mean…

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