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What Our Clients Have to Say

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Niroshan Silva is a star coach of mine. My personality is such that I normally intimidate the coach I get, and I have had a few at my level of seniority. Niroshan challenged me with questions to challenge myself. He was not ruffled at all by my demeanor. He let me fight the boxing match myself. When I broke down, he was there to hold me. And say ï will be there for you.

His enthusiasm to life is contagious! Niroshan Silva is a rare individual who can create a life changing session for a cochee within 2 hours. We come out of the session thinking – what happened there. I am copying his style in coaching my team as well. Its working. Coachees relish the session so much as they realize how much of their learning immediately changed their way of thinking. He changes the paradigm; he makes you think differently and be the best in class.

Jayanath Panagoda

General Manager - Brandix Apparel Essentials

I was privileged to be coached by Niroshan Silva at the early stage of my career.

Needless to say, that he made a tremendous impact on both my personal and professional life and truly inspired me to achieve greater milestones. Its noteworthy to mention Niroshan Silva’s impeccable ability to read between the lines and critically analyze the true potential of people. To ask the right questions which makes us answer the path we were looking for him to answer. It had immensely helped me to harness my core capabilities to optimize my both professional and personal performance.

I firmly believe that he’s an asset to Sri Lanka and undoubtedly reach the pinnacle of success of his coaching career.

Asitha Pinnaduwa

Vice President - Private Banking - NTB

I met Niroshan Silva through coaching. His coaching sessions have not only assisted me personally to become more self-reliant, but also helped me to contribute more effectively to the team and the organization. Having been in the organization for more than thirteen years and gone through many such sessions in the past, for me Niroshan’s coaching was inspiring and insightful as he was able to share his experience in order to identify my true potential.

The coaching session also was useful for me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and focus on these gaps for which I could improve on. It has given me a new approach of looking at things personally and professionally and would definitely recommend Niroshan as one of the best!

Zeenath Bin Ahamed

Manager - Organization Structure and Design - MAS Holdings

My story runs back to a memory lane of 8 years from now where my first interaction with Training Consortium Ltd was at a Management Development Training Session. The program changes my life. Niroshan who sat with me after the training with the 360-degree feedback of mine, me as an infant who just started crawling on the leadership ladder, felt so secure and safe. It gave me a passage and a will to change. I believe truly that was a life changing experience I had.

He was able to show me the way how to identify the true leadership capabilities in me and how to change myself as a person to reach new heights in my career. He looked at short term low hanging fruit as well as long-standing personal goals. He is extremely professional and could connect with his clients very quickly.

He manages to help anyone to begin work at whatever the state of life they are in. He is trustworthy, always encouraging, patient and an insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. He also offers good value and high integrity as an Entrepreneur, Teacher, life coach and finally as a “best friend”. I was inspired to be a lean coach as a result. I saw how a coach can made such a difference in a person/professional’s life. Today I have gone up the ladder of leadership to the highest position; but as Niroshan says á mountain is high as much as we want it to be’ – many more mountains to climb.

Rohan Ratnayake

Lean Coach - Fashion Garments

Niroshan started my individual coaching sessions by analyzing the 360 feedback and DISC profile. In his analysis he was passionate in identifying my natural style as well as the intended style. He is a very good listener and smart strategic thinker who finds very practical solutions required for my improvement.

Strategic thinking was one of the areas I needed to improve on, and he helped me by providing proper tools and techniques for it. With that I have been effective in strategic planning at my capacity and steadily executing the plan throughout the year. Further he guided me to improve my efficiency with better time management techniques.

He was truly interested in the wellbeing of his clients and his coaching plan included the professional and personal life planning techniques. It has amazingly helped me to maintain work life balance and to maximize my contribution to my family while being a busy working mother of two kids and an MBA student. Because of his guidance towards effective communication, I got used to reading Harvard Business Reviews daily to enhance my vocabulary and to gain new knowledge on latest leadership trends. I am truly inspired by him and recommending him as a highly effective Management Coach.

Indika Senadhira

Senior Manager - Software Engineering - Pearson Lanka

My life altering experience with Mr. Niroshan began after I was notified by my HR department to partake in a “coaching Programme”. I had not requested for it nor had any idea about the programme. I was kind of a “newbie” at my work place. Anyhow, I am the type of a person who would not let go of any opportunity for me to develop myself as a professional as well as a better human being.

The first day it self he was so clear and explained what coaching is and contracted the session well. He let us do the talking, listened and asked a few vital questions casually that blew us away. The amount of energy he brings to the coaching session was remarkable.

I was a decorated ARMY OFFICER, but I had never been so clearly and firmly guided on how to create my own future. For that I am very much thankful to Mr. Niroshan. His ability to read a person is extraordinary! You are like an open book in front of him. Mr. Niroshan is very much dedicated for what he does. His level of commitment to ensure that each individual he coaches gets a tailor made coaching session is admirable. He is a very talented, professional, and experienced career coach with knowledge and insight about all new business trends. I am more than happy to recommend Mr. Niroshan to any academic/ professional programme and wish him all the very best for all his future endeavors!

Mendaka Hettithanthri

Assistant Manager Maintenance - Stretchline

Niroshan will take you outside of your comfort zone and throw you into deep waters through projects and questioning that is designed to bring out your inner strengths and capabilities in a manner that you even didn’t know existed. Yet, he creates a feeling of confidence and safety that no one else can. He is highly confidential in his work.

He nurtured me into being a better version of myself and identified a capability and work area I never thought of pursuing; HR Analytics. It was Niroshan who first got me to analyze can come with my career plan in data science. His guidance helped me to develop and implement a fully-fledged data analytics system which was one of the first platforms of its kind that was ever developed across the industry and country. Coaching sessions with Niroshan has given me amazing insights into what areas of focus I required and the game plan I needed to device in order to reach both my professional and personal goals.

He is an inspiring personality who also has amazing work ethics and is a person who you can trust with anything confidential and open to as he genuinely wants the best for you. The sessions he conducts is as lively as it gets and there is never a dull moment with him, even if it’s a long day and you come for a session, you will be kept engaged and in awe with his learning and coaching style all the way through. “Anyone who meets Niroshan and is coached by him has both a lifelong coach and friend… Niroshan is incredibly passionate in what he does, and he is the best in his field as his approach and personality is remarkable!”

Sandreen Gunaratne

Public Health Care – Australia

I have had the privilege of working closely with Niroshan Silva as a chaochee. He has the innate ability to relate to the client and to speak to the heart and mind. His coaching style goes beyond the capacity of a coach as he dedicates his personal time and resources to the effort. Having vast knowledge and experience in the coaching field, he goes beyond the theoretical approach whilst maintaining professionalism effortlessly. He is adept at understanding clients’ strengths and areas of improvement with less effort and time, which helps to build a trusted, purposeful and productive coaching relationship. His follow-up and interest in the clients’ development plan/progress is one of the rare qualities I have observed in a professional trainer.

I’m humbly proud to state that without any doubt ,Niroshan is not only a great coach and a true friend, a unique personality and a professional for whom I have my highest respect and regard .!
All the very best Sir.!

Chandikmar Tivadram

CEO - Calvin Klein Sri Lanka

Niroshan is an exciting, passionate and committed coach and a mentor. He loves what he does and knows what he communicates. The best part of his coaching is his delivery. Not like the other coaching programs, I went to his program with lot of energy. The profound voice and questioning styles were unique to him. I have even been coached by DUG Adams and a few sought after coaches in my time.

Further as a coach he helped me to foster myself by understanding my improvement gaps and introducing development interventions to bridge those. Personally, he helped me understand “who I am” and “where I am good/weak at”. This was very insightful and now I could leverage on my strengths and work on the improvement areas.

Hope he will nurture more and more young professionals who is hungry to grow and succeed in their career; both personally and professionally.

Sudesh Gunasekera

Head of Innovation - MAS

I met Niroshan Silva as a coach at MDP. He was such a wonderful coach which I met in my life. Sometimes he is a mango friend, sometimes he is a brother, sometimes he is a father and a wonderful teacher and yet definitely a good coach.

I took charge of my personal life and my professional life after our coaching. I started to think about myself as priority more than my family and parents. I started to do things to make me happy. I was promoted as an Assistant Manager then as a Manager after his coaching sessions as I started to believe in myself. I mattered and I had to start living it.

I learned how to understand bosses and how to be a best employee of them. The Best thing which I realized is how to be a loving wife and loving mother in my personal life which is the most important thing to me. I recommended him as the best coach to have to develop your career as well as your personal life to fulfill your busy life with happiness.

Dilanthi De Silva

MAS Linea Aqua (Pvt) Ltd

I have been working with Niroshan Silva for the last over 10 years. My interaction with him was on developing teams across different business units transforming from poor performing to high performing teams. Also he conducted a personal coaching session for me following a 360 degree feedback report during the development programme. This session was conducted with total professionalism where he used his expertise question and get us to realize the gaps and provided us with a path to find the tools necessary to manage the issues.

His coaching was insightful, incisive, and extremely helpful where he offered tactical/practical ideas, and more importantly new perspective and insights on issues. With his help, I have acquired new skills building teams and individuals. The individual assessments have provided valuable insight and helped me gain perspective in terms of managing relationships, thinking strategically, and establishing clear, measurable goals for themselves.

I am very happy to recommend Niroshan as a professional and highly experienced coach.

Dilshan Mohamed

Director- Supply Chain Management MAS

I do still remember very first day that I met Niroshan, that was in 2010 at Line aqua executive development program. I was so inspired with his knowledge and I asked him for a ride home so I can continue the chat. From that day onwards I have many turning point in my life and many milestones in my journey. I would say Niroshan was there every time with the right advice and guidance.

My experience with his coaching is beyond tradition executive coaching where I have got a golden opportunity to work with him on many key projects as coordinator from line aqua. I have been learning from him the art and science of leader in the cooperate world.

Until one day I had the opportunity to formally be his cochee. He asked all the right questions and made me realize although I had prepared myself for so long – I had done very little. So got his guidance to formulate and finalize Long range plan with him during our one on one coaching sessions . we mapped out the required skills and the ways to bridge the gap. After some time I felt I started asking the same questions of my self before I went for the sessions. I knew he was helping me to find my own solutions to my problems and he was providing only a protocol.

I would extend my gratitude to Niroshan for making my life a fruitful and enriched life looking forward many advice from him.

Darshana Sanjeewa

Manager – Talent Management

I’m so glad that I was selected for below and It is a pleasure to give my inputs for the same.

  1. The most important thing I learnt from the coaching sessions was the self-reflection. This helped me to change the way I look at things. This supported me to spend good amount of time to understand my self which I have never done before. I thought I knew me but after the MDP coaching session I learnt that I never knew real me. My true potential and my weaknesses were clear, and it supported me to take out the best version of me.
  2. You are a great coach who can profile people well. This supported immensely not only to me but also all the participants of our MDP batch.
  3. You are methodical and professional in your approach. You would help us to find the answer with a few questions. You are wise not to ask the normal ‘questions that make us feel like kids”.
  4. 360 feedback and the individual coaching sessions helped to solve grey areas and to have a better visibility about the future.
  5. This was the best coaching session I have ever participated, and I wish to have you as my coach to get guidance in the future

Kanchana Fernando

Asst. Manager – Merchandising (NIKE) - MAS

When I was nominated for a Training from my company, I had a reasonable doubt, as to what I could learn out of it and thought it would be yet another mainstream session. To my surprise it turned out to be totally different. There are blind spots and we don’t know what we don’t know. With Niroshan’s mentoring and coaching I was able pause and look at work/life in a different angle. When I first met Niroshan had a clear picture of who I am, how my boss views me, peers and subordinates view me. Niroshan has this incredible ability to probe the right question and comprehend the exact personality, thereby guiding towards your true north. Further he helps you identify your personal SWOT and guide you to achieve your true potential.

One of the most admirable traits in Nirsohan’s coaching is his practical and customized approach he takes, which obviously comes with meticulous studies ( in-depth interviews/360 feedback) of each individual he coaches. Interaction with Niroshan has been really inspiring and enlightening. Niroshan is a great coach who is passionate about coaching and making a positive influence in everybody who crosses his path.

Niroshan has made me a better person to which I am truly grateful.

Thushara Perera


Niroshan has been a key figure in focused leadership development in 2 organisations I have been in including Brandix. Being associated with such organisations over long periods speaks volumes of credibility he has earned and value that is delivered. The design and delivery of development programs stand apart from the crowd owing to how Niroshan keeps things ‘real and relatable’ as opposed to getting lost in oceans of management speak.

Afham Mohamed Ali

Director - Supply Chain - Brandix

Very creative person and strong personality. His consistency of delivery makes him cut through the rest….

Dr. Rohantha Athukorala

President - Clootrack - Sri Lanka, Maldives and Pakistan