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People Make the Difference
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Presentations Skills
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Training Of Trainers (TOT)
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Shampooing Your Mind
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Telephone Techniques to Boost Sales & Customer Satisfaction
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Emotional Intelligence. A Cutting Edge Tool Every Modern Manager Must Develop.
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Adventure Based Training Programs
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Business Etiquette
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Stress Management
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Time Management
Adventure Based Training Programs
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The roots of Outbound Training can be traced as far back as civilization can be accounted for. In the early days this was almost a vocational training and thereafter as the world kept on becoming commercial – so did the training.

Although many organizations tend to organize programs that are run on a weekly basis, our desire is to formulate the program to suit the needs of each individual organization.The many differences between organizations warrant and dictate different needs. As such, a team building exercise for one organization is most often redundant for the other organization.

The small mutations between the presentations make all the difference. While this document would serve as a starting point for our review, much would be uncovered in our visits to your establishment prior to the final draft of the program.

We specialize in Rock climbing, Abseiling, White water rafting, canoeing, trekking, Giants ladder, Low and high rope ( Rope courses) , games, survival techniques, 4WD adventure and many others. We select each activity to suit the target audience, the impact needed to drive the specific message and the duration of the course.

Why Outdoor?

The benefits of outdoor training courses are:

A rapid and clear achievement of training objectives.
The deep and permanent development provided by learning from experience.
The potential to tailor elements or the whole experience to your organization and its goals.
Positive and enjoyable learning environment.
Getting away from the day- to-day routine.
Developing a “Love” towards nature.

Change Management Vs bring out individual strengths

As per initial brief we have chosen this particular topic to guide up through the program.
Synergy Vs Individualism.

Dynamics of Change management.
Who is the leader in a team?
Personal reflection.
The purpose of goals.
Bottlenecks in change management.
Tools to reduce stress in a team setting.
Importance of good communication.
Skills – how well do we know them and use them.
Commitment and attitudes.
Performance issues in teams.


Warm Up Games - Caterpillar Walk
The Bunjee (To break mental barriers)
The High Ropes - Attention Travels ( moving peoples personal boundaries)
Parallel Walk
Low Forcement
Chicken Walk
High Forcement
Jungle Trek (Bonding with each team member)
White Water Rafting ( Synchronizing )
Camp Fire & Barbeque
Trekking to the Cave
Debriefing Sessions
Bamboo Raft Race
Discussion groups and building Change Champions.

Chosen location – While we have 3 different locations – we have chosen the following.
Time duration - two days, 1 night programme.